The Extended Family From Hunters For The Hungry Of America, Inc., Welcomes You.

(Pictured Above:  Ben Klink, Our President)

We are a Christian based 501(c)3 charitable organization, chartered July 12, 2011,  in The State of Indiana.  Though there are various organizations active in The United States with the name "HUNTERS FOR THE HUNGRY" we currently have no affiliation with any of these groups or organizations.  From the time of our launch to the present; our first chapters in the book of our journey would sound like something, out of The Book of Job! Fires, illnesses, the lost of loved ones, homelessness, one trial and tribulation after another have hindered us from moving forward, but by God's grace, and through your prayers and support, we hope to see our vision actualized.  

(Pictured Above:  The Fire Of Feb. 3rd, 2016 )


As we are getting back up on our feet again, our organization HHA Inc., aims to enlist an online army of up to one million folks to launch an attack against hunger in America. This online army we hope to create via our HHA GIVE A BUCK!™Project.  


Before the fire of February 3, 2016, we launched our first project campaign: * The Joe & Loretta Project. We intend to raise one million in funds to provide industrial freezers to at least 100 churches & food pantries across the nation.

*The Joe & Loretta Project, has been named as such, in honor & memory of the late; Joseph & Loretta Lesniak, who were instrumental in launching, through their son, David; Hunters For The Hungry Of America, Inc. 

For more specifics on our mission and ongoing projects please visit our, "HOW YOU CAN HELP" Page.