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HUNTERS FOR THE HUNGRY OF AMERICA, Inc. Aims To Enlist One Million Folks Across America To Launch An Attack On Hunger In America

Hunters For The Hungry Of America, Inc. (HHA Inc.) is launching their second operation:

The HHA GIVE A BUCK!® Project.  The organization hopes that this will turn into a massive operation as they seek to enlist an army of folks across America who will devote no more than 5 minutes weekly, online.  Everyone involved in this online operation are welcomed to each get 2 sponsors who will donate $1 by directing them to their website:

Proceeds will be used to gift churches and food banks with industrial freezers (see The Joe & Loretta Project below).  In addition, HHA Inc. intends to develop networks and initiatives with hunters and outdoorsmen across The United States with additional projects in the making.

Nearly 15% of U.S. households struggle to put food on the table (that includes nearly 16 million children)!  In a previous report from Fox News, it was reported just months ago of how American hunters comprise of The World's Largest Army! ..... tens of millions of good hearted folk, who are compassionate and mindful of our immense challenge of hunger in our nation.

If you are interested in becoming an online, volunteer for this exciting operation, you can email:  David Lesniak at:

To Donate $1 via our HHA Give A Buck!® Program; simply click on the button just below.   

Thank you and may God bless you for your compassion; time, & generosity!


(To donate $10 or more, please click on the donate link on the very bottom of this page)

Hunters For The Hungry Of America, Inc. Launches "The Joe & Loretta Project" ..... Aims To Raise $1,000,000 To Gift Many Churches & Food Banks With Industrial Freezers ........

Hunters For The Hungry Of America's founder; board; and their newly elected president; are taking a step of faith to launch their very first campaign to help the nation's growing number of hungry.

"The Joe & Loretta Project", was named in honor of the founder's late parents, Joseph & Loretta Lesniak who were formerly from Cedar Lake and who both recently passed away.  They were instrumental in giving their son the funds to launch Hunters For The Hungry Of America, Inc. shortly before their passing.  Joseph Lesniak was an avid hunter and sportsman all of his life, and his late wife Loretta was always by his side supporting him.  Their son, David who lived with them and who was their caretaker during the months of their illness was formerly involved in online Christian broadcasting from their former Cedar Lake home.  Lesniak had a change of direction when various teachers from the radio stations that he had co/founded began to move in different theological directions.  Lesniak, wanting still to reach out in a missionary capacity decided to utilize his networking calling to help feed the hungry.  Due to extreme hardship and loss, not only in Dave's life, but also in the life's of a few members on the board; Hunters For The Hungry Of America, Inc. after being legally chartered on July 12, 2011, is now finally, officially being launched.

Currently, there is at least one church, located in El Dorado, Arkansas that is working on a regional, cooperative effort to assist the hungry in the northern part of that State.  Pastor Larry Hudson from Parkers Chapel First Baptist Church, is one of the leading coordinators for their regional food pantry and they need at least one industrial freezer.

Churches or any 501(c)3 non-profit, community food banks are encouraged to contact David Lesniak through the Hunters For The Hungry website at: if they too need an industrial freezer.




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